Neptune COR 15 Water Pump

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The COR comes complete with all the fittings necessary for most aquarium configurations (0.75″ output, 1.0″ input). But we’ve also included a 1.25” union for the output so you can connect the pump in a manner that will result in the least amount of head loss. Plumb your main return-line in 1.25″ and get the full potential of the COR pump – as much as 50% or more flow!

Plumbing fittings, hose, pipe, etc.
Basic plumbing knowledge
ANY Apex with an available 1LINK port

COR Pump
COR-15 Pump Driver
1.25in. PVC Union (Slip->BSPP)
1.0in. Slip Fitting
0.75in. Slip Fitting
6-foot 1LINK Cable

PUMP:  3.875”W xv4.875”H x 6.250”D
DRIVER:  3″W x 4″H x 1″D