Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon 3 Speedy Interface Adapter 110V/60Hz / 10V Neptune Apex & Cable

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Technical data interface adapter Red Dragon® 3 Speedy pump :
for the connection of your Red Dragon® 3 pump with 10V connection to your aquarien-computer/contoller
with all neccessary connection-cables 
ready for use
contents of delivery:
1x Controller-box with the option of wall mounting
1x Power supply with the right voltage-adapter 110/230V
1x Connection-cable for Computer/Controller (approx. 2,0m)
1x Connection-cable for Controller of the pump (approx. 3,5m)
Dimension controller: 145 mm length / 85 mm wide / ~ 55 mm height
This controller allows a connection to an aquarium computer (E.g. GHL) via a 0-10V interface.
Please choose your right voltage (120V or 230V) and connection-cable (Apex/ReefAi or GHL)!
Tested so far folowing these computers: 
GHL ProfiLux 3.1 and from Neptune Systems the Apex Aqua Controller.
The pulsing is in 5s intervals possible.
Functioning of the electronics:
Once a voltage > 0,5V to the 10V interface is, the interface adapter takes over controlling and the system and lock(disable) the buttons on the controller. Voltage will be < 0,5V normal controller operation and the buttons are again released. So can the interface adapter stay connected without performing a function. 
If the Aquarium(tank)-computer voltage under 0,5V the 0-10V interface is shut down and the pump can be operated manually. From 0,5V, the interface will take over control of the scheme. In the area of 0,5V-0,8V the pump is switched off. 1V starts the pump at the lowest level (15W) and run. At an increase of 0,5V will increase the level, also. So 1V = 15W 1,5V = 20W 2V = 25W….. 7,5V = 80W. 
At a higher input voltage remains the Speedycontroller to the maximum setting are available and no longer increases. The interface adapter behaves as if the corresponding would push the button