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We're Marine Solutions, and we are the lead aquarium and aquatic pet store here in St. Peter's, MO, since 1998.

We're always look forward to adding more aquarium products and fish to our store in order to continue to serve St. Peter's and the surrounding communities. We'd like to personally invite you to stop by today and view our vast inventory of aquarium products for fresh and saltwater tanks.

We believe in unmatched customer service and taking the time to educate our customers about their needs for owning a marine pet. We fulfill those needs by offering reef system education, aquarium maintenance and freshwater tank maintenance.

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Wow! What an inventory. This very well stocked store has an incredible selection of corals, fish and supplies.The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable both qualities you should expect when shopping for marine aquarium inhabitants and accessories.They can also set up a plan to do the maintenance for you in your home.Highly recommend checking them out today! 👍👍


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