Bluetail Unicorn Tang (Naso caeruleacauda)

The Bluetail Unicornfish is one of the larger surgeonfish found in the ocean. Bluetail Unicornfish have a mostly silver to gray body with a bright blue tail. The Bluetail Unicornfish was named by J.E. Randall in 1994 and is mostly found in coral reefs around the Philippines and Indonesia.

The large Unicornfish reach a maximum size of around 24 inches and are strong swimmers, for these reasons we suggest that Bluetail Unicornfish be kept in tanks that are at least 350 gallons in size. For the most part Bluetail Unicorn fish are not aggressive fish and will also not bother coral and inverts in your tank, this makes them an excellent addition to large reef tanks. Like other tangs, Bluetail Unicornfish can be aggressive to other tangs, especially those in the Naso family. For this reason we suggest that you are careful when placing a Bluetail Unicornfish in tanks with other tangs. Aggression to other surgeonfish will be lowered the larger your tank is. Having ample algae available to all your tangs will also help with aggression issues.

Like other tangs, Bluetail Unicorn fish do best in tanks that best replicate the reef surge zones where they are found in the wild. To accomplish this, make sure your tank has plenty of flow and that the flow is random and turbulent. Bluetail Unicornfish are natural grazers so it is very important that you have lots of algae available to them all day long. The best way of doing this is to have nice established rock for them to pick at. Bluetail Unicornfish will also establish rock formations as their territory.

As for nutrition, Bluetail Unicornfish are herbivores and need a diet rich in green foods. Foods like marine algae sheets and nori, brine shrimp and mysis, high quality flake and pellet foods along with high quality frozen foods and spirulina will keep your Bluetail Unicornfish happy and healthy.