Sleek Unicorn Tang (Naso hexacanthus)

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The Sleek Unicornfish has an oval shaped body that is laterally compressed. The mouth is forward  on the body and the eye is set quite far back on the body thereby protecting the eyes while feeding. They are one of the few Unicornfish with no horns.

The colors are highly variable and they are capable of changing colors dependent on mood. The normal base color is a light brown colour with a blue caudal fin with a light yellow edge. They can however change the body color to a blue or silver blue color. There is a black line around the gill plate which is distinctive to identifying them in the Indian Ocean. In the Pacific they can be easily confused with the Grey Unicornfish ( Naso caesius) which has similar facial markings.

These fish should be kept in a well run aquarium where they can "graze" algae from rocks and stones.

If there are insufficient algae on the rocks, it is important to feed more frequently and supplement with algae rich food e.g. Spirulina.