White Margin Unicorn Tang (Naso annulatus)

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Max Size: 3 feet 3 inches
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 360 gallons

The Whitemargin Unicorn Tang, also known as the Whitemargin Surgeonfish or Kole Tang, is a striking marine fish known for its vibrant coloration and distinct appearance. With proper care and attention, this fish can be a wonderful addition to your reef aquarium. Below is a care sheet to guide you in providing the best environment for this captivating species:

Physical Description: The Whitemargin Unicorn Tang features a predominantly brown body color with a beautiful white margin on its dorsal and anal fins. The body may also have various shades of blue and yellow highlights, enhancing its overall attractiveness. Juveniles may display slightly different coloration compared to adults.

Tank Size and Setup: A spacious aquarium of at least 100 gallons or larger is necessary to accommodate the Whitemargin Unicorn Tang. These fish require ample swimming room and prefer a tank with live rock structures, providing them with hiding places and territories. The tank should have a secure, tight-fitting lid to prevent any escape attempts.

Feeding: The Whitemargin Unicorn Tang is an herbivorous fish that primarily feeds on algae in the wild. In the aquarium, it is essential to provide a varied diet that includes marine-based seaweed, algae, and high-quality pellet or flake foods. Offering dried seaweed tied to a rock or using a veggie clip is recommended. Feed the Tang at least 2-3 times per day to maintain its health and well-being.

Behavior: These fish are generally active swimmers and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They may exhibit territorial behavior towards other Tangs, so it's best to provide ample space and hiding spots to reduce any potential conflicts.