32 oz. ESV B-Ionic Nitrate - ESV


Provide your reef with nitrogen essential to great growth and color, with no unwanted by-products.

B-Ionic was introduced to address the low nitrate conditions found in many modern reef aquaria, in a formulation that would avoid some of the side-effects of other similar supplements, such as elevated sodium and potassium. While low nitrate levels are desirable to avoid algae outbreaks and coral browning, it is still important to maintain some available nitrogen. Bacteria-driven ultra-low-nutrient systems (ULNS) and those run with refugiums or algae scrubbers may actually become nitrogen limited. B-Ionic Nitrate provides nitrogen to the system in the form of highly purified calcium nitrate. While food organisms such as plankton may provide necessary nitrogen and other nutrition in some cases, some aquariums may have insufficient food available to meet this need, and it may not be practical to increase feeding. B-Ionic can provide the needed nitrogen without increasing feeding which may lead to increased phosphate levels.



  • No sodium or potassium by-products
  • Supplements calcium & alkalinity
  • May assist in reducing phosphate


Through bacterial activity, the nitrate is freed, and the remainder is converted into calcium carbonate, providing calcium and alkalinity. Maintaining nitrate concentrations slightly higher than natural reef levels has been observed by many aquarists to be beneficial to coral health and coloration. In nitrate limited systems the addition of a nitrate supplement may also assist healthy bacterial activity in breaking down other organics, reducing phosphate and organic carbon, and may also prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic areas of the rock and sand.