Acrylic Habitats Leviathan ATO / Doser

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- (3) 2.5L dosing chambers
- 8 gallon ATO
- Clear front with engraved water level gauge (in gallons AND liters)
- Large opening for easy refills and cleaning
- Labeled lids to keep solutions organized while preventing evaporation
- (3) full length dosing straw
- (2) 1/5" hole for cords, wires, hosing, and tubing
- Build with 1/4" CAST acrylic
- Black Body to prevent algae/bacteria growth
- Double welded seams
- Perfect match to all Leviathan Standard Sumps

The ATO container holds top off water to help automate the addition of water to your aquarium that is lost from evaporation. Our ATO features a large opening to accommodate any pump size as well as a lid to prevent evaporation. In addition, each ATO comes with (2) 1.5″ hole to feed cords, wires, hosing, and tubing. Every unit comes standard with a black body to prevent algae/bacteria growth and a clear front for water level gauging assisted by laser engraved marks. The perfect ATO container build with hobbyist in mind!

- Dimensions: 13" x 15" x 15"
- Total ATO Water Volume: 8 Gal
- Dosing Container Volume: 3 x 2.5L