AlgaeFree Short Handle Algae Scraper

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Handheld scrapers let you clean where magnet cleaners typically will not fit. The large 3.125" metal blade will make easy work of any type of algae on your glass

Total Length - 5"

  • Use in Tight Spaces
  • Cleaning Backglass
  • Comes with Steel Blade
  • Sturdy Handle
  • Hanging Eyelet

Algae scrapers are commonly overlooked and can save you a ton of time. The common solution is a magnetic scraper, but they usually do not provide much force for removing hard algae. The thick plastic handle lets you apply a lot of force, while the wide blade lets you scrape over 3" in a single swipe. The blades can be easily replaced for repetitive uses and only takes about 30 seconds to change out. The thin handle lets you get in between your rockwork and your glass, or in other places that your magnetic scraper will not fit, like the back glass of your tank.


Total Length - 5"

Total Width - 3.25"

Blade Width - 3.125"

Total Thickness - 0.60"

What's Included?

1x Short Handle Algae Free Scraper

1x Preinstalled Easy Blade