Eibli/Red Stripe Angel (Centropyge eibli)


Max Size: 6 inches
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution. May eat soft polyps
Minimum Tank Size: 70 gallons

The Red Stripe Angelfish, also known as Eibl's Angelfish, Eibl's Pygmy Angelfish, Orangelined Angelfish, Blacktail Angelfish, and Eibl's Dwarf Angel, has a pearlescent body with evenly-spaced vertical orange to red stripes, and a sapphire-blue stripe outlining the caudal fin. It also has a black tail and back of the body.

This species requires a 70 gallon tank or larger with plenty of live rock for hiding and grazing. Although typically docile, it can become more assertive once established and is best kept alone without other dwarf angels. The Red Stripe Angelfish may nip at sessile invertebrates and clam mantles.

Breeding the Red Stripe Angelfish in an aquarium is highly challenging, and there are no distinguishing characteristics to identify males from females.

To maintain good health, the Red Stripe Angelfish should be fed a varied diet consisting of Spirulina, marine algae, mysis or frozen shrimp, and other meaty items.