API Copper Test Kit FW/SW

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Keep your fish healthy and thriving by testing your aquarium water's copper levels regularly with this easy-to-use API COPPER TEST KIT for aquariums. API COPPER TEST KIT allows for the fast, easy, and accurate measuring of copper levels in fresh and salt water, which is particularly necessary for effective parasitic treatment for diseased fish. A low copper level could make the treatment ineffective, whereas a high copper level could cause fish death. Kit reads Copper levels 0 - 4 ppm and contains 1 Copper test solution bottle, one instructional booklet, one capped glass test tube, and one color card.

With API Aquarium products, it’s easy to keep a beautiful saltwater, freshwater or reef aquarium. For over 50 years, API has been creating innovative, research-driven solutions that make it easier to care for your fish and aquarium. API Aquarium Treatment Supplies are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide best results to control algae, promote healthy bacterial growth and help control and cure fish diseases and conditions such as ich and fin rot. They work to provide a safe, hospitable environment for fish such as tropical community fish, cichlids, goldfish and more. With API, you can spend more time admiring your fish, and less time scrubbing your tank. Make sure to use all products as directed in order to ensure the best results.