Aqua Edibles Copepods 6oz

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We offer Copepods with 5 different live varieties of calanoids and harpacticoids copepods, rotifers, and live mix of phytoplankton. These, unlike Tigrios, are warm water breeders and we believe that one or all will reproduce in your tank establishing a population in your aquarium that will serve as a food source and an important part of your ecosystem. These Zooplanktons are generally smaller than Tigrios and each bottle will contain the entire life cycle from egg cases, nauplii, juveniles, pregnant females and adults. We recommend adding the entire contents to your tank after dark so that the critters can find hiding places in the rock and sand. Depending on tank size and benthic
inhabitants, this product should be added regularly to your tank to supplement the population and can be added weekly or monthly. We also recommend loading all new tanks with one bottle per 30 gals to enhance cycling and jumpstart your zooplankton population.