Aqua Edibles Phytoplankton 12oz

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We also offer a live phytoplankton with as much as 60,000,000 cells per cc in a 12 oz. bottle. This product should be refrigerated until used. This product is entirely live as we believe that concentrated live phyto are damaged by the concentrating process and only add to the detritus in your tank. Our live phytoplankton is a mixture of 6 different varieties of motile and non-motile organisms including Nanno, Iso, Tetra, R lens, Platymonas, and D. Salina. As in nature the percentages vary by season. Non-motile phytoplankton such as Nanno will settle in the containers and will need to be shaken regularly. Phytoplankton is a critical source of food rich in EPA and DHA (Omega3 fatty acids) for zooplankton, corals, and fish and should be added regularly. We recommend adding one capful of Phytoplantkton per 30 gals daily