Black Shoulder Tang (Acanthurus nigricauda)

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The Black Shoulder Tang, also known as the Epaulette Tang, is a mesmerizing and rare addition to home aquariums, captivating with its striking appearance that can change dramatically with mood and age. From a deep black hue to a delicate tan, these fish are adorned with stunning blue and yellow accents, creating a captivating display in any tank.

With a potential size of up to 16 inches, Black Shoulder Tangs require spacious environments, ideally tanks of at least 180 gallons, to thrive. Despite their size, they are generally peaceful and coexist harmoniously with most fish, corals, and invertebrates, making them a prized inclusion in large reef setups.

However, caution is advised when housing them with other tangs, especially those from the Acanthurus family, as they can display aggression. To mitigate potential conflicts, it's recommended to introduce all tangs simultaneously and provide ample algae for grazing. Known for their agility, these fish need plenty of unobstructed swimming space to flourish.

As herbivores, Black Shoulder Tangs need a diet rich in green foods to maintain their health and vibrancy. Regular offerings of nori, marine algae sheets, high-quality flakes, pellets, and mysis shrimp will satisfy their dietary needs and keep them content.