Tailspot Blenny (Ecsenius stigmatura)


Max Size: 2.5 inches
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

The Tail Spot Blenny is easily identified by the dark spot at the base of its tail and black and yellow band below each eye. They have large eyes and a small mouth, giving them a comical appearance. These smaller fish are often found hiding among crevices and rocks on the bottom of their environment and require at least a 10-gallon tank with plenty of live rock for grazing, perching, and hiding. It's important to avoid housing them with aggressive species that may intimidate them.

To maintain a healthy diet, the Tail Spot Blenny needs vegetable matter, including frozen and dried foods with marine and blue-green algae. They also feed on and help control algae growing in the aquarium.