Bulk Reef Supply Triple DI Saver with TRM-1 Triple TDS Meter


Perfect for reefers that use a lot of DI resin!

Triple Deionization Saver canister kit complete with HM Digital Triple Inline TDS Meter! Just add DI resin. We suggest using BRS Pro Series Single Bed Cation Resin, Pro Series Single Bed Anion Resin, and Pro Series Mixed Bed Cation Color Changing Resins.

  • Super efficient
  • Choose your own resin
  • Stop throwing away good resin
  • Triple TDS Meter already installed
  • Perfect for adding additional DI stages to your RO system
  • Includes 5 Feet of RO Tubing
  • ¼" Push Connect Fittings


Why Single Bed Resins?

Using single bed resins will give you the ability to use 100% of the resin without having to throw any good resin away. Traditional mixed bed systems are technically exhausted when one of the two charges neutralizes and cannot remove the ions to achieve 0 TDS, even though a portion of the resin may still be usable. Even though using a cation and anion single bed resin will remove a vast majority of TDS it is necessary to use a mixed bed resin after the single bed resins for the best results. 

Now when it comes to changing your Deionization resins you only need to replace what has been used! Many reefers will find that they either use a majority of the single bed anion or cation resin, but hardly any of the other single bed and mixed bed resins keeping the system very efficient. A little extra money upfront will pay off in the long run with the savings in resin! If the system is maintained correctly the mixed bed resin may never have to be changed.


All of our RO and DI systems use 1/4" push connect tubing and high-quality Mur-Lok fittings allowing them to be compatible with any BRS RO/DI system and most others on the market today. We only use nuclear grade deionization resin allowing you to create higher quality water with less resin.


Suggested Deionization Resins for efficient DI usage:

Stage 1 - Pro Series Cation Resin

Stage 2 - Pro Series Anion DI Resin

Stage 3 - Pro Mixed Bed Cation DI Resin

The final stage containing the mixed bed resin can be swapped for a mixed bed anion resin. We suggest starting with cation resin and waiting to see which single bed resin becomes exhausted first, and then when needed, change the mixed bed resin to match the ionic charge used first. 


Triple TDS Meter Preinstalled Metering Locations

Sensor 1 - Incoming water to DI stage

Sensor 2 - After DI stage 2 and before DI stage 3*

Sensor 3 - Final output from DI stage 3


Dimensions - 15.25" x 6.25" x 14"


What's Included?

1x Triple Deionization Canister Assembly

1x HM Digital TRM-1 Triple TDS Meter

5 Feet Blue RO Tubing


What's Needed?

Three Single Cartridge Refills of Deionization Resin - We suggest Pro Series Single Bed Cation, Pro Series Single Bed Anion, and Pro Series Mixed Bed Cation deionization resins.