Longnose Butterfly (Forcipiger flavissimus)

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Max Size: 9 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: With Caution. May eat soft polyps
Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallons

The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish, also known as the Forceps Fish, is a captivating species commonly found either individually or in schools across the Indo-Pacific region, particularly on reef flats and slopes. Its distinctive feature is its long snout, resembling a pair of needle-nose pliers, perfectly adapted for extracting food from crevices and between coral heads. With a vibrant yellow body, the head displays a striking color division. The upper half, from the top of the mouth through the head, is black, while the lower half is white. The dorsal spines are long and jagged, making it quite an eye-catching species in the wild, although it remains a medium-sized fish in a home aquarium.

The Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish can be a suitable choice for those new to keeping butterflyfish, although it may not be the best option for absolute beginners. With proper acclimation, this species proves to be hardy and adapts well to fish-only systems. It thrives when housed in a tank of at least 125 gallons or larger, alongside peaceful tankmates. However, caution is advised if considering it for a reef aquarium, as it may nip at corals and sessile invertebrates.

To maintain its health and vibrancy, the Yellow Longnose Butterflyfish should be fed a diverse diet of meaty foods, including mysis shrimp, crustacean meat, and various frozen preparations. Providing a varied and nutritious diet will support its well-being and ensure it thrives in the home aquarium environment.