Chaeto Bulk Algae (Chaetomorpha)

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Care Level: Beginner
Diet: Photosynthetic
Reef Compatible: Yes
Placement: Sump/Algae Reactor

Chaetomorpha algae is highly regarded as one of the most beneficial types of algae for your aquarium. It serves a dual purpose by effectively removing nitrates and phosphates from the water. Visually, it appears as a ball of long, filamentous strands, resembling tangled fishing line. Beyond its filtration benefits, Chaetomorpha algae provides an excellent habitat for copepods and amphipods, contributing to the overall biodiversity of the tank.

To optimize its performance, place Chaetomorpha algae in an area with high light and flow. Many of our customers choose to incorporate it into their refugium for effective filtration. With its remarkable capabilities, Chaetomorpha algae proves to be an invaluable addition to your aquarium, promoting a healthier and more balanced aquatic environment.