Coastal Aquarium Designs Classic Canopy 12" Front Lift

Size: 75/94/112gal 48"x18"

The Classic Canopy features oak hardwood and oak veneer plywood. It has 3” solid oak trim on the top of the canopy. The Classic is our most popular model because of its affordable price and it easily fits with traditional and contemporary décor.

The Classic canopy is made of oak. It comes at a standard height of 8” and can be upgraded to 12”. Top-lift is the standard option. Front-lift or roll-top are available as optional upgrades.

All Classic Stands and Canopies are pre-assembled and ready to be installed. No assembly is required!  

  • Front-Lift – A Front-Lift canopy is a 2-piece canopy that is connected together with a piano hinge. The front portion of the lid (typically about 6”-8” deep) can be lifted upwards and folded on top of back lid to allow access to the aquarium.
Size: 75/94/112gal 48"x18"