Coastal Aquarium Designs Elegance Canopy 12" Front Lift

Size: 75/94/112gal 48"x18"

The Elegance Canopy was created to offer the modern look to a large variety of tank sizes. The Elegance fits with most contemporary furnishings.

The Elegance canopy is made of Maple: which has a more muted wood grain for a sleeker finish. It comes at a standard height of 8” and a front-lift. The canopy can be upgraded to 12” front-lift.

All Elegance Stands and Canopies are pre-assembled and ready to be installed. No assembly is required! 

Canopy Styles

  • Front-Lift – A Front-Lift canopy is a 2-piece canopy that is connected together with a piano hinge. The front portion of the lid (typically about 6”-8” deep) can be lifted upwards and folded on top of back lid to allow access to the aquarium.
Size: 75/94/112gal 48"x18"