Fritz MetroCleanse 20ct

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Parasitic Disease Treatment
- Effective Against Internal and External Parasitic Infections
- Treats Ich, Hexamita, and Oodinium
- Safe for Fresh and Saltwater Systems

Fritz MetroCleanse is a safe and effective antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatment for several  common protozoan and bacterial infections such as freshwater and saltwater Ich, Hexamita, and Oodinium, and is also effective against internal parasitic and bacterial infections. It can be used safely in a medicated food mix for use in systems containing invertebrates. Fritz MetroCleanse will not affect beneficial bacteria, and is non toxic even if overdosed.

Dosage / Instructions:

Broadcast Instructions: Remove all invertebrates prior to dosing if using broadcast method. Use 1 packet of MetroCleanse per 20 gallons (76 L) every 48 hours until symptoms disappear, up to ten treatments.

Feeding Instructions: Use 1 packet MetroCleanse mixed per tablespoon of normal food (adding some water if food is dry). Feed medicated food mix daily until symptoms disappear or up to three weeks. Refrigerate or freeze leftover mix between dosing/feeding. No adjustment of filtration needed.

Use of a hospital tank is recommended. No water changes, pH or temperature adjustments necessary if readings are in ideal range. Remove all chemical filtration (carbon, ion exchange resins) during use. Turn off UV sterilizer if present during treatment. Aeration and water flow should be maintained. In marine aquariums turn off protein skimmer during treatment. The active ingredients in Fritz MetroCleanse can negatively affect beneficial bacteria which remove
ammonia and nitrite from water. Chemical ammonia removers such as Fritz Aquatics A.C.C.R. may be used during treatment to prevent ammonia poisoning of the fish. Note: Fritz MetroCleanse will not color or cloud aquarium water.

Size: 10 pack

ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Each packet contains 200 mg metronidazole

WARNING, This product contains chemicals, including metronidazole, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer