Coral Damsel

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Max Size: 3 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallons

General Description: The Coral Demoiselle, also known as the Yellow-tipped Damsel, is widely distributed across the western-central Pacific, including regions such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Australia. This broad distribution results in some variation in their body coloration, which can range from dark to light blue-grey, and some individuals may possess a prominent yellow caudal fin. Belonging to the Pomacentridae family, they share this family with Chromis and Clownfish. These Coral damsels are known for their hardiness, making them a suitable choice as a "first fish" for newcomers to aquarium keeping. However, it's important to note that introducing damselfish too early can lead to territorial behavior towards later additions. Aggressive tendencies are often observed when damselfish are kept in undersized tanks or in insufficient numbers. To mitigate this, it's advisable to maintain them in small groups of six or more individuals, although individual temperaments may vary. Adult Coral damsels typically reach a size of approximately 3 inches. Please note that Coral damsels may not always be readily available in the aquarium trade.

Diet Requirements: In their natural habitat, damselfish are omnivorous, requiring a diverse diet to maintain their vibrant coloration, robust immune system, and overall health. A well-rounded diet should include high-quality algae, proteins, pellets, flakes, and enriched frozen foods. Damselfish are generally easy to feed in a saltwater aquarium.

Care Requirements: Ideally, a minimum 55-gallon aquarium is recommended for a group of Coral damsels. Setting up the tank with live rock is advantageous for the well-being of the fish, as it provides crevices for them to swim through and seek refuge. Damselfish are among the few species that can withstand the initial cycling phase of a new saltwater aquarium. At Aquatics Unlimited, we strive to offer damselfish with temperaments that are generally compatible with various tank setups. Although Coral damsels typically coexist peacefully with most other fish, it's advisable to closely observe their behavior after introduction. These damsels are considered reef-safe and will not harm any corals or invertebrates.