Longhorn Cowfish (Lactoria cornuta)

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Size: Small (1" - 2 1/4")

Max Size: 1 foot 8 inches
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: With Caution. May eat tubeworms
Minimum Tank Size: 250 gallons

The Longhorn Cowfish is a fascinating inhabitant of the Indo-Pacific reefs, typically found in the clearer waters of this region. Its body showcases shades of tan to yellow, adorned with distinctive white and blue dots, which has led to occasional confusion with the Yellow Boxfish. However, it's essential not to mistake the Longhorn Cowfish for Ostracion cubicus, commonly known as the Yellow or Polka Dot Boxfish. In its natural habitat, this species can grow up to 20 inches in size, but in aquariums, they tend to be much smaller, reaching around 16 inches or less.

When introducing the Longhorn Cowfish to an aquarium, it is advisable to make it the first fish to join the tank. Due to their intolerance towards other Longhorns, it is best to house them in a spacious tank, providing live rock for algae scraping. Caution should be exercised if placing the Longhorn Cowfish in a reef tank, as it may display a tendency to nibble on tubeworms. When appropriately cared for, the Longhorn Cowfish can enjoy a long lifespan.

Like other boxfish species, the Longhorn Cowfish has poisonous skin. When faced with threats, it can release a toxin that proves lethal to other tank inhabitants, including other Longhorn Cowfish.

As omnivores, the Longhorn Cowfish should be offered a diverse diet comprising both meaty and vegetable-based foods. It's important to note that they are slow eaters, so they should not be housed with more aggressive eaters in the aquarium. Providing a balanced and suitable diet ensures their overall well-being in the aquarium environment.

Size: Small (1" - 2 1/4")