Purple Stripe/Diadem Dottyback (Pseudochromis diadema)

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Max Size: 3 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

The Purple Stripe Dottyback, also called the Diadem Dottyback or Diadem Pseudochromis, exhibits a captivating appearance with its predominantly yellow body adorned by a striking purple stripe that extends along the length of its dorsal fin.

To accommodate this beautiful fish, a 30-gallon or larger aquarium with ample hiding places is recommended. It should be housed alongside moderately aggressive fish that are larger in size than the Dottyback to prevent any potential aggression issues. However, caution should be exercised if considering keeping ornamental shrimp in the same tank, as the Dottyback has a tendency to prey on them.

When it comes to the diet, the Purple Stripe Dottyback thrives on a varied menu of meaty foods, such as brine shrimp and prepared frozen foods. Offering a diverse and nutritious diet will contribute to its overall health and vibrancy.

By providing a suitable environment and carefully selecting tankmates, aquarists can ensure that the Purple Stripe Dottyback thrives and continues to showcase its remarkable colors and personality in the aquarium.