Yellow Dottyback (Pseudochromis fuscus)

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Max Size: 4 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution. May eat ornamental shrimp.
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

The Yellow Dottyback is an impressive and striking fish, standing out as a bold and beautiful member of its genus. Its appearance is captivating, displaying a range of colors from canary yellow to a "dusky" purple/brown, depending on its daily diet. Notably, dark spots at the center of each scale create an exquisite pattern, resembling flowing fine lines across its side.

In its natural habitat, the Yellow Dottyback is commonly found in lagoon reefs, tide pools, coral crevices, and fore-reef slopes. It has a diverse diet, feasting on small fishes, large zooplankton, and small benthic crustaceans. In a home aquarium, providing a 30-gallon or larger tank will offer a suitable environment for this dynamic fish. The Yellow Dottyback exudes confidence and won't back down from defending its territory, even against fish two to three times its size. It is essential to be mindful of keeping small ornamental shrimp with this species.

To maintain the Yellow Dottyback's health and vibrancy, a diet rich in meaty foods is crucial. Offer a variety of foods, such as brine shrimp and prepared frozen options. For achieving the brightest yellow coloration possible, we recommend incorporating vitamin-rich foods into its diet.

With its big personality, brave demeanor, and stunning appearance, the Yellow Dottyback is a showstopper that will add a splash of beauty and energy to your reef aquarium.