Fritz Mardel Parashield 4oz

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- A Safer Way to Treat Ick
- Does not Use Dyes or Metal-Based Active Ingredients
- Great for Preventative Treatments
- Safe for Plants and Invertebrates
- Safe for Fresh and Saltwater Systems

Parashield® is a revolutionary new way to help maintain fish optimum health. This bio-adhesive supplement repairs and strengthens the fish’s natural slime coat which protects against parasitic and other infections. Proven, natural oils and extracts are combined with a patented film forming matrix to help repair and strengthen a fish’s natural slime coat and help provide a protective shield around your fish. Use Parashield® as a preventative treatment after stressful events or for mild cases of common parasitic diseases such as Ick, protozoan Velvet and other parasites. Active Ingredients: Capsaicin Oil, Chitosan, D-Limonene, Manuka and Neem Oil.