Golden Angel (Centropyge aurantia)

The Golden Angelfish is a rare and elusive species sought after in the aquarium hobby. Its cryptic nature adds to the challenge of acquiring it, making it a coveted addition to enthusiasts. Recognizable by its velvety burnt orange/red hue adorned with slender, broken yellow vertical bars along its sides, this species stands out in both appearance and scarcity.

To ensure the well-being of the Golden Angel, a minimum tank size of 55 gallons is recommended, along with ample hiding spots and live rock for grazing. Ideally, it thrives as the sole dwarf angel in a tank. Quick adaptation occurs when introduced early into a well-established aquarium or when cohabiting with peaceful tankmates. While often featured in reef aquariums by hobbyists, caution is advised if housing LPS and SPS coral in abundance, as the Golden Angel has been observed to nip at both these corals and Xenia corals. Typically, such interactions cause irritation rather than substantial damage.

Similar to other dwarf angels, the Golden Angel is hermaphroditic, making breeding a challenging endeavor, and gender indistinguishable based on color variations. For optimal nutrition, a diverse diet is recommended, including small meaty items, angelfish and herbivore preparations, and live sponges.