Falco Hawk (Cirrhitichthys falco)

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Max Size: 3 inches
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: With Caution. My eat small fish and invertebrates.
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

The Falco Hawkfish, also known as the Spotted Hawkfish, boasts a striking appearance with its white body adorned with red-brown spots that diagonally line along its form. Unique tufts of bright yellow can be seen on the tips of its dorsal fin rays, called cirri. However, it is essential not to confuse this species with Cirrhitichthys aprinus.

For the well-being of the Falco Hawkfish, a 30-gallon or larger aquarium equipped with ample hiding spots is recommended. This fish is hardy but can display aggressive behavior, so it should not be housed with larger, more aggressive hawkfish. While it may consume small fish and shrimp, it can potentially thrive as a wonderful addition to a reef aquarium, with some caution.

To ensure a balanced diet, the Falco Hawkfish should be fed a variety of marine meats, frozen preparations, and live feeder shrimp. Providing a diverse range of foods will cater to its nutritional needs and contribute to its overall health in captivity.