Hikari Bio-Pure Spirulina Mysis Shrimp 3.5oz (32 Cubes)

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Frozen live mysis shrimp harvested at their nutritional peak. Offers a natural source for fatty acids and enhanced with spirulina algae for excellent coloration and form. Excellent treat almost any fish will eagerly accept.

A Unique Food Offering
- Naturally contain fatty acids and fiber beneficial to most freshwater and marine fish
- A treat almost any fish can readily consume and digest, especially herbivorous fish
- A combination of vitamins, spirulina algae and live mysis shrimp you cannot duplicate at - home
- Easy to use "no touch™" cubes make measured feeding a snap

Proprietary Processes Help Hikari Offer Unsurpassed Quality
- 3 Step Sterilized for safety
- Free of harmful parasites and bacteria or foul odor
- Multi-step cleansing process offers the world's cleanest frozen foods available today
- Gut-loaded with Bio-Encapsulated Multi-Vitamins to offer better than live food nutrition
- Hikari's proprietary Mega-Power Freezer helps them lock in all the nutrition your fish need while maintaining the natural color, taste and texture
- Hi-tech and highly automated packing machines allow Hikari to maintain the integrity of the animal and avoid pieces and parts common with competitive products

Ideal For: Freshwater and marine fish like cichlids, angels, triggerfish, wrasse and seahorses too.