Icecap 4K Gyre Flow Pump w/ WaveEngine LE Controller


- Max Flow 4,000gph | 13~45 watts | 25-150+ gallons
- Includes 4K Gyre, PSU, & WaveEngine Light WiFi Controller
- Applicable for glass or acrylic aquariums up to 5/8 in thick

IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump with WaveEngine LE Controller
The IceCap 4K Gyre Flow Pump is not only more powerful than its predecessor, it now comes with the powerful HYDROS WaveEngine Light WiFi controllable controller, allowing you to fine-tune your flow effortlessly and wirelessly from your mobile device.

Gyre 4K Pump Features & Benefits
- Unique Gyre Flow: Virtually Eliminates Dead Spots
- Evenly Distributed Linear Flow
- Discrete Design
- Can Be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally
- Can Be Mounted Close to the Water Surface
- Waterproof Magnet Mounts
- Twin Directional Flow Cages
- Includes 2 Sets of Propellers: Orange and Black
- HYDROS WaveEngine and WaveEngine LE Direct Drive Compatible
- 1-Year Limited Warranty

The IceCap 4K Gyre uses officially licensed technology by Maxspect, creators of the original Gyre pump, to generate the now-iconic gyre water flow in your aquarium—but without breaking the bank! New for 2021 is the addition of the HYDROS WaveEngine LE WiFi Controller. The new controller utilizes CoralVue’s powerful HYDROS platform to access life-like flow patterns, scheduling, and much more.

The IceCap 4K is also Direct Drive Compatible with the HYDROS WaveEngine and WaveEngine LE multi-pump controllers. More on that later!

Gyre 4K Technical Specs
- Rating: Aquariums 25-150+ Gallons
- Maximum Flow: 4,000 Gallons Per Hour
- Minimum Flow: 1,286 Gallons Per Hour
- Power Consumption: 13-45 Watts
- Size (in): 12L x 3.15W x 1.7H
- Weight: 711g/25.1oz
- Cable Length: 6ft
- Tank Thickness: Up to 5/8" thick
- Glass or Acrylic: Safe for Both

HYDROS Pump Controller - Simplify the way we manage flow in our aquariums
The WaveEngine LE "Light Edition" allows you to easily add different brand pumps to your aquarium to obtain the ultimate flow. Specify the minimum and maximum speed each pump can run while working together in multiple flow presets such as sync, anti-sync, triangle wave, square wave, sine wave, and many other preset wave patterns. Connect up to two (2) pumps directly to the controller, removing multiple power bricks' clutter.**

App-Based Dual Pump Controller
A single app controls a variety of different pumps from your mobile device. Access all the features you desire without needing multiple apps, individual controllers, and bulky power supplies that require a “bird’s nest” of cables and wires.

Until now, limited capabilities have restricted the simple controllers that manage popular pumps like the Maxspect Gyre, Reef Octopus Octo Pulse flow pumps.

In addition to this convenient and advanced control, you can reduce clutter by eliminating the DC power brick used by modern controllable pumps!

Direct Pump Driver
The HYDROS WaveEngine LE connects directly to the pump head, removing the clutter of the power brick and the control head for these pumps.
Maxspect Gyre XF-130 / 230, XF-150 / 250, XF-330 / 350, XF-280*
IceCap Gyre 1K, 3K, 2K, 4K
Reef Octopus RODC-2500, 3500 and 5500, VarioS-2 and 4, Octo Pulse 2 and 4
Available Direct Drive Pump Adapters:

0-10V Input Control
RECIEVE commands from other devices, including push buttons, float switches, plus much more.**

*Maxspect Gyre 280 pumps can only run at 75% max intensity. **PLEASE NOTE: An appropriate pump adapter or 0-10V cable (sold separately) is required to connect pumps directly to the HYDROS WaveEngine LE.