IceCap Pod Habitat

A Smart Way to Cultivate Pods
The IceCap Pod Habitat is a clever way to cultivate a collection of copepods that you can use to feed your reef aquarium. The way it works is simple: just place the Pod Habitat in your sump, refugium, or in the back of your all-in-one aquarium. In no time, pods will begin populating the new luxurious 7-story high-rise you’ve built for them. One the Pod Habitat is at full occupancy, lift it out of your sump and dip it in your display tank. Give it a shake to evict the tenants into your aquarium. This is an easy and effective way to repopulate your tank with copepods plus it gives your fish a delicious and nutritious live food source. Another benefit of having a healthy pod population is that they consume detritus, waste, and macroalgae which in turn keeps your tank clean. They are important critters and the Pod Habitat gives them a safe place to live and reproduce.
IceCap Pod Habitat Features & Benefits
Size: 3 x 3 x 2in  (L x W x H)
7 floors for copepods and amphipods to live
The Pod Habitat provides a safe haven for pods to reproduce
Pods are an excellent food source for mandarins and wrasses
Pods are the tiny unsung heroes of a reef aquarium clean-up crew
Pods increase the biodiversity of reef aquarium and are fun to watch
The Pod Habitat is super easy-to-use and easy-to-clean