MarcoRocks E 400 Aquascaping Cement - Pink

Please note: This kit is for the pink version.
Aquascape like the pros with our MarcoRocks E-Marco-400 aquascaping cement.
Kit contains everything you need to permanently bond rock into amazing aquascapes.
It is 100% non toxic, Triton ICP tested.

Kit comes complete with mortar powder, liquid with an acrylic polymer (to keep the joint from getting brittle), instructions, mixing spatula and a bucket to do the mix in.
If you do not need the entire batch, simply rinse the bucket and put the rest back, put the lid on and store in a cool dry place.
Affix to rocks, sets in about 20 minutes, can be carefully handled in an hr or two and will fully cure underwater once set.
Ever wonder how "they" make those crazy structures?
the overhangs the bridges, cantilevered ledges, or that Bonsai look? 
They use E-marco-400 from MarcoRocks of course!