MarcoRocks NSA Powder


MarcoRocks NSA Powder is the perfect aquascaping tool for covering or reinforcing any visible joints in your rock work. Because this powder is made from 100% pure, powdered MarcoRocks; it provides the perfect color match to any rockscapes created from MarcoRocks Dry Rock. It can be used with any reef-safe super glue, epoxy, or mortar.

  • All Natural
  • Made in USA
  • 100% pure, powdered MarcoRocks
  • Makes your rock structure joints invisible
  • Perfect color match to MarcoRocks Dry Rock
  • Use with super glue to form strong joints
  • Cover any joint while wet for a perfect blend
  • Use with your favorite super glue, epoxy, or mortar


Product Contents: 3lbs of pure, powdered MarcoRocks