Melon Butterflyfish (Chaetodon trifasciatus)

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Max Size: 7 inches
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: No
Minimum Tank Size: 120 gallons

The Melon Butterflyfish boasts a vibrant oval body with a bright yellowish-orange hue. Striking thin dark blue bands gracefully run horizontally down its body, adding to its allure. Noticeable black bands accentuate the base of the dorsal and anal fins as well as the tail fin. At the head, you'll find distinctive black and yellow bands beautifully positioned over the eyes.

This territorial and aggressive butterflyfish is native to the Indo-Pacific Ocean, particularly thriving in shallow coral-rich reefs. However, it is essential to note that the Melon Butterflyfish does not adapt well to captivity. Its challenge lies in replicating its natural food supply, which primarily consists of coral polyps. For this reason, we recommend considering another butterflyfish from our available selection unless you possess extensive knowledge of this species and can adequately provide it with a suitable feeding source and environment.

When attempting to initiate feeding, offering a diverse diet is crucial. Small frozen foods such as mysis shrimp, enriched brine shrimp, and cyclopeeze are excellent options to begin with. Ensuring a well-rounded diet will be essential to supporting the health and well-being of this remarkable butterflyfish, provided it is kept in the proper environment with the appropriate food sources.