Neptune Systems Replacement WAV Pump Propeller


If you need a new propeller for your Neptune WAV powerhead or just want to keep an extra on hand, we carry OEM supplied replacements. 

  • Includes magnet, baseplate, propeller, and shaft
  • Replaced in seconds
  • Compatible with Neptune WAV Pumps only


OEM supplied replacement propeller for Neptune Single WAV Pumps. The replacement propeller is guaranteed to fit in your current WAV pump and can be replaced within seconds. Just remove your old propeller from the pump body, and install the new one in the reverse order. 

In most cases, impellers and propellers fail because of mineral build up on the magnetic shaft. Regular cleaning of the magnet is highly recommended to help increase the lifespan of the propeller assembly. 


What's Included?

1x Replacement WAV Pump Propeller