Nyos Floating Fish Trap

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Catching fish has never been easier.

The Nyos® FLOATING FISH TRAP® uses a new principle and thus makes catching fish from the aquarium particularly easy, quick and gentle.

With conventional fish traps, catching fish is cumbersome, since a mechanism for catching the fish usually has to be activated via a line. With the Nyos® FLOATING FISH TRAP®, however, only the magnetic connection is released as soon as a fish is in the trap. An air body at the opening of the trap ensures a quick 90 degree turn and buoyancy of the trap and the fish.

The fish trap can be easily attached to the aquarium pane with the magnetic holder.This enables a flexible position in the aquarium. The trap can be close to the water surfaceso that food can be conveniently added using the pipette supplied.

The Nyos® FLOATING FISH TRAP® is compact and is quickly accepted by fish thanks to its round and transparent design.

A notice: Designed for glass thicknesses of 8-15 mm (up to 5/8")

Tips for catching aquarium fish
- It takes time for the fish to get used to the trap
- Only feed through the trap temporarily
- For algae-eating fish, algae sheets can be attached with the enclosed magnet
- The pipette can also be used to keep the food moving. Many fish react more to moving food
- For small and fast fish, wait until the fish have swum as far into the trap as possible
- Do not catch several larger fish with the trap at the same time
- If the fish are shy, attach a string to the magnet holder so that the magnet holder can be removed from a distance
- In the case of shy fish, catch dominant fish in advance from the aquarium
- If necessary, reduce the flow so that the feed remains in the trap

- Trap diameter 150 mm (6 in)
- Max Glass Thickness 15mm (5/8 in)
- Opening diameter 72mm (2.8 in)