Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Cube (Frozen) 7oz

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  • Made in the USA
  • Benefits all tropical fish and invertebrates
  • Brine shrimp supplemented with a nutritious blend of seafood, plankton, natural algae and vitamins.
  • Supports coloration and will help maintain health and vitality
  • Excellent for reef tank applications, including nano reef tanks

Frozen Brine Shrimp Plus™ is a gourmet frozen food for all carnivorous and omnivorous tropical fishes and invertebrates. It is a special blend of brine shrimp supplemented with a nutritious blend of seafood, plankton, algae and vitamins that mimic the nutritional value of a natural diet with an appealing flavor to entice finicky eaters. This formulation can be fed to a multitude of fish and invertebrates that enjoy the familiar flavor of brine shrimp and require a balanced diet. Brine Shrimp Plus does not contain a gel binder and is an excellent product to simultaneously feed the fish corals and invertebrates in reef aquariums. The bite-sized pieces feed the fish; the juices and fine particles feed the reef. This blend of premium ingredients is easy for fish and invertebrates to digest so they produce less waste and aquariums stay cleaner.

Recommended for: Ideal for all carnivorous and omnivorous fish including Marine Angels, Clowns, Damsels, Wrasses, Butterflies, Gobies, Guppies, Platys, Angels, Tetras, Barbs, Catfish, Swords, Mollies, Gouramis, Rainbows, … also ideal for Nano Reefs.