Ocean Nutrition Preadator Formula Flat Pack (Frozen) 8oz

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  • Mimics a natural diet triggering an instinctive feeding response
  • Does not contain binders, artificial preservatives, added colors or terrestrial vegetable matter as a source of vitamins
  • Formulated with a premium vitamin pre-mix and probiotics to help promote health, support coloration and increase vitality
  • LOW IN PHOSPHORUS and is processed using RO/DI water, having minimal impact on water quality when used properly

This formula is a blend of the most nutritious ingredients found in the marine environment, prepared with whole and chunky pieces that satisfy large and predatory fish. It is a source of energy for your fish providing organic and inorganic nutrients, which meet the unique dietary needs of species rich marine environments.

Recommended for: Ideal for predator, fish only and FOWLR aquariums.