Pink Streaked Wrasse (Pseudocheilinops ataenia)

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Regarded as one of the top choices among reef wrasses for aquarium enthusiasts, the Pink-Streaked Wrasse, also known as the Cryptic Six Line Wrasse, is a petite and vibrant fish that adds a delightful touch to any reef setup, including nano-reefs. Notably, it exhibits sexual dichromatism, with males displaying pronounced yellow lines along the body and bluish-gray markings on the gill cover.

Initially, this wrasse tends to be quite shy, but over time, it becomes more bold and can often be found spending extended periods in open areas of the aquarium. An excellent feeder, it readily accepts frozen foods and flake foods. While generally ignored by most tankmates, it may draw attention from other Pseudocheilinus wrasses, albeit being more passive in nature. In sufficiently large tanks with ample hiding spots, the Pink-Streaked Wrasse gracefully navigates between the branches of both soft and hard corals.