Planet Aquariums 24" Aquarium

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Style: 60 gal - 24½x24½x25 - Internal Overflow - Clear Background

MEGA Matrix aquariums are offered in numerous sizes and configurations. Each size of aquarium can be configured up to 10 different ways. With our MEGA Matrix, we are able to lower the cost of what is usually a custom aquarium to standard off-the-shelf aquarium prices.

Planet Aquariums are made in Texas by Master Tank Builders with a combined experience of over 50 years! Planet Aquariums are beautiful, affordable and made to last.

Stock Availability: Made to order - approx. 2-4 week build time

Aquariums are our passion! It is our labor of love to provide hobbyists worldwide with the great American-Made aquariums that they can enjoy for many years to come.

Overflow Configuration
- MEGA Matrix 60 w/ 6" x 9" Internal Overflow - 1 x 1" drains, 1 x 3/4" returns
- MEGA Matrix 60 w/ 10" Tideline External Overflow - 2 x 1" drains, 2 x 3/4" returns

MEGA Matrix Options
Standard vs Crystal Glass – regular glass panels have a slight green tint due to the iron content in the glass. Crystal glass is a low-iron glass that offers better clarity and less color distortion. The color of your fish, plants and corals will be more vibrant when viewed through low-iron glass.
Diamond Polished Edges – most aquariums feature just a straight cut and flat-sanded edges: which are often jagged and the corners are sharp. The MEGA Matrix Aquariums offer upgraded diamond polished edges that feature beveled corners and a smooth upscale finish.
Black vs Clear Silicone – Black silicone offers a more-modern look while clear silicone makes the joint look more seamless (Black silicone comes standard. Clear available upon request).
Internal vs External Overflow Boxes – Internal overflow boxes takes up more space inside the aquarium but are easier to install and plumb. The bottom of the aquarium is drilled to accommodate drain and return lines. External overflow boxes use a very slim box inside the aquarium that drains to a larger drain box located outside of the aquarium. Due to its design, external overflow boxes take up a lot less room inside the aquarium; leaving more space for aquascaping and for fish to swim in.
Clear vs Black Backgrounds – Black backgrounds allow you to hide all the wiring and create more contrast between the back wall and the inhabitants in your aquarium.

- MEGA Matrix 60 - 24.5" x 24.5" x 25.25" (+/- 1/4" for production variances)

Style: 60 gal - 24½x24½x25 - Internal Overflow - Clear Background