Porcelain Crab (Petrolisthes galathinus)


Max Size: 1 inch
Diet: Carnivore, Filter Feeder
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallons

The Porcelain Crab is a widespread species found in tropical oceans worldwide. It has a circular, flattened body with two large front claws. The crab possesses maxillipeds, a pair of front arms with feather-like tips, which it uses to filter food particles from the water. This species is peaceful and makes for an interesting addition to a marine aquarium.

In nature, Porcelain Crabs live in pairs and are often found residing in or beneath rocks. A well-equipped aquarium should have an adequate supply of live rock for hiding and feeding. It is important to avoid adding any fish or invertebrates that may harm the Porcelain Crab. The species is reef-safe and does not pose a threat to other invertebrates or corals.

The Porcelain Crab continuously filters the water for planktonic food, while also scavenging for larger meaty portions. Offer the crab small amounts of fish, shrimp, or other meaty foods, as well as specialized filter feeder food.