Rossmont Waver Wireless Controller


What separates this technology from competing AC products is that this wave maker ramps up and ramps down the pump like a DC controller. The Waver and the Movers accomplish this at a more affordable price than competing DC technologies. The technology is also completely backwards compatible. Every Rossmont Mover pump ever manufactured will work with the Waver.

The Waver is designed and controlled using a Wi-Fi connection with your computer, tablet or smart phone. A number of water flow program presets are available for the computer, tablet and smart phone applications. The touchscreen interface also makes accessing all those features on a tablet incredibly simple and helpful. Not only is the Waver controlled wirelessly, it also can be networked with your home router so you can control your pumps from an internet connected device wherever you may be.


  • Only compatible with Rossmont Mover pumps
  • Designed with use with two Rossmont Mover Pumps. The pumps plug into the Waver.
  • Controls all Rossmont Mover Pumps. Backwards compatible with all Movers ever produced.
  • Direct access to the Mover through smartphones, tablets and computers (no app required)
  • Remote access through a home Wi-Fi network
  • Turns on/off and ramps up and ramps down the Mover Pumps
  • A number of water flow presets to choose from
  • 5" X 5.27" X 1.39"
  • The waves created by the Waver are beneficial to the corals and fish and they will help to keep your aquarium cleaner by stirring up detritus so it can be filtered