Ruby Reef Hydroplex 5gal

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What is HydroPlex?

HydroPlex is a scientifically developed copper free, antibiotic free, broad spectrum aquarium pharmaceutical that is effective for the control of parasites and microscopic organisms found in aquaria and ornamental ponds including bacteria, ciliated protozoa, dinoflagellates, copepods, small [platy]helmenthics and annelids. HydroPlex is especially effective, and strongly, recommended, in a dip regimen for cleansing new arrivals of unwanted parasites and bacteria, especialy if a quarantine tank regimen is not practical. It is very effective for treating diseased fish via a dip regimen or in hospital tanks.

HydroPlex's important attributes include:

  • Effective Disease Control
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

HydroPlex contains a unique blend of trade secret anti-microbial formulations available to the hobby industry exclusively through Ruby Reef. These formulations are widely used in over-the-counter health care products (e.g., in antibacterial and antifungal products) and in a broad range of cosmetics and beauty aids (e.g., as antimicrobial preservatives). In-other-words, they offer broad-spectrum protection against infectious disease, while being safe for human and animal exposure as well as for disposal down the drain.

The ability to blend these formulations in a single aqueous solution was made possible by the development of a biologically inert stabilizing system. Specifically, the HydroPlex stabilizing system allows the component ingredients comprising three formulations to be combined in one solution without any loss (e.g., due to chemical cross-reactions) in the range or effectiveness of any of the three anti-microbial activities. In fact, if stored away from bright light or direct sunlight, HydroPlex has a [predicted] shelf life of 5 - 10 years at room temperature.

HydroPlex DOES NOT CONTAIN copper, antibiotics, formaldehyde, malachite green or methylene blue.

The development of HydroPlex required the collective experience and resources of a three-member product development team. This team included:

  • Ruby Reef;
  • An R & D partner that specializes in chemical and biomolecular disease management products for commercial aquaculture, environmental and water resource management, and plant and animal agriculture; and,
  • An internationally renowned marine biology research institution located in Woods Hole, MA; the scientists at the Woods Hole institution have made substantial contributions to ""calibrating"" HydroPlex™ for a variety of applications.

How does HydroPlex work?

HydroPlex integrates three scientifically proven levels of control. One level aggressively exploits a biochemical vulnerability common to molds, fungi, yeast and microalgae. A second level provides a broad-spectrum shield against infection by microbial organisms. The last level is extremely effective against bacteria, other microbes and small parasites that depend on aerobic respiration for energy.

HydroPlex employs a highly penetrative principle that acts -- irreversibly -- on the biochemical machinery responsible for extracting energy from molecular oxygen. Thus, even small exposures permanently deprive bacteria, ciliated protozoa, dinoflagellates, etc. of the energy required for motility, feeding and reproduction. Due to its excellent penetrative properties HydroPlex offers the means for rapid control of microbes and parasites attached to or embedded in gill tissues, attending vasculature and surrounding structures.

What are the applications of HydroPlex?

  • Dips, especially for New Arrivals and Diseased Fish
  • Hospital and Quarantine Tanks
  • Marine and Tropical Fish
  • Koi and Goldfish
  • New Ponds* and Aquaria
  • Recycling Old Ponds* and Aquaria

* HydroPlex is intended for use with ornamental and other closed system ponds that do not discharge into the environment.

Important Notes

  • DO NOT USEHydroPlex with amphibians or cephalopods.
  • HydroPlex is effective for the treatment of Vibrio infections in cephalopods; however, cephalopods may display symptoms of distress and should be closely monitored during treatment.
  • HydroPlex is NOT REEF SAFE and is NOT recommended for use in other established aquaria because it may compromise biological filtration.
  • Corals should be closed and polyps should be fully retracted prior to exposure to dip strength HydroPlex. Some corals display symptoms of distress when exposed (with polyps extended) for long periods (1 – 3 days) to hospital strengthHydroPlex.™ Open corals should be closely monitored during treatment.