Ruby Reef Inc Kick-Ich Pro 1L


Kick-Ich™PRO is a concentrated formula to proven to eliminate Ich by interrupting the free-swimming stage of the Ich life cycle.

Other benefits include:

• Kick-Ich™ PRO is a concentrated formula treatment designed to be used in the display tank for the control of Ich on fish (a.k.a. “white spot disease) in marine and freshwater aquaria.

• It has been scientifically formulated to treat infectious stage of the ich life cycle while being safe for all fish, corals and invertebrates. Kick-Ich™ PRO will not affect biofiltration and is reef safe.

• Kick-Ich and Rally work well together to eliminate problems of misdiagnosis with FRESHWATER or SALTWATER fish. Used together they achieve the best results and can deal with several problems at one time in addition to preventing secondary bacterial infections.

- 1/2L treats 105 gallons, 1L treats 210 gallons, 2L treats 420 gallons