Seachem pH Alert

Seachem pH Alert is the perfect tool for anyone who hates testing their aquarium water! This unique color changing device is designed to be placed directly into your anywhere in your aquarium or filter to continuously monitor critically important pH levels. An accurate and reliable sensor will change color reversibly to alert you of any potentially harmful fluctuations in the pH level ranging between 5.8 and 8.6. Simply match the colors to the corresponding color wheel for results and readings. When first used, the device may take up to 30 minutes to produce results, but from thereafter results should be produced in approximately 10 minutes.

The device itself is small, clear, and unobtrusive so it won't detract from the visual attractiveness of your stunning aquatic ecosystem. It can be cleaned with soft material, and for best results should be read under natural daylight. Visible fading or washing out of the colors indicate that Seachem pH Alert has been exhausted and needs to be replaced. With four times the lifespan and half the size compared to other competitors, this is the only pH monitor you’ll ever need