Sebae Anemone (Heteractis crispa)

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Max Size: 1 foot 8 inches
Supplements: Iodine, Trace Elements
Temperament: Aggressive
Waterflow: Medium
Lighting: High
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

The Leather Anemone, also known as the Sebae Anemone, is a member of the Heteractis genus. Previously known as Radianthus keukenthali, Heteractis malu is typically tan to brown in color with possible purple tips on its tentacles. Heteractis crispa is also referred to as the Sebae Anemone.

This anemone is known to be a challenge to acclimate to aquarium life and is best suited for experienced aquarists. Strong lighting, porous live rock, and varied sandy and rocky locations are necessary for its survival in the tank. Adding a Clownfish like the Blue Striped Clown, Amphiprion chrysopterus, can assist in acclimatization and increase the chances of survival. Once it becomes healthy, it can become very sticky, and it will be hard to get it to let go without damaging it.

A diet of fish, worms, clams, shrimp, and other meaty foods should be provided once a week when the Leather Anemone is acclimated to its new environment.