Sicce Multi Quiet 5800 Pump 1500gph


The Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps are non-neodymium rotor pumps designed for demanding applications. Cooler, quieter, and more efficient than the lower quality products on the market and carefully placed between the Sicce Syncra and our Easy Series of pumps, Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps offer consumers Italian quality at a budget-friendly price. Sicce Multi Quiet Pumps are perfect for hydroponics, aquariums, and pond applications. 

PROS compared to the Syncra line

  • More competitively priced
  • Lower electrical consumption in some models
  • Rotors are less expensive

CONS compared to the Syncra line

  • Higher decibel rating
  • Less efficient, more heat production
  • The 800 model works only submersed
  • Flow regulation available on only two models (800, 1300)


  • uni-directional volute
  • male thread inlet and outlet
  • 6ft bipolar for aquariums or indoor hydroponics
  • 20ft grounded cords for outdoor use


  • Flow Rate: 1500GPH
  • Power Consumption: 90W
  • Max Head: 12ft