Spider Conch (Lambis Lambis)

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Max Size: 9 inches
Diet: Omnivore, Detritus
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 75 gallons

Spider conchs (Lambis spp.) are a type of true conch and are considered reef-safe. However, they are better suited for larger aquariums with a substantial sandbed. Unlike the Florida Fighting Conchs, these spider conchs have a slight tendency to crawl on rockwork, so it's essential to consider loose rocks and frags when housing them. Nevertheless, they primarily spend their time in the sandbed, which should be their primary habitat.

The spider conchs have incredibly fascinating shells that are sure to capture attention due to their unique appearance.

These conchs are highly beneficial in the aquarium as they serve as excellent cleaners and substrate stirrers. They have a diverse diet and will consume various types of algae such as hair algae, film algae, detritus, and certain cyanobacteria species. You can supplement their diet with sinking soft algae pellets or spirulina when the tank is relatively clean.

In terms of hardiness, spider conchs are known to be quite resilient. However, they tend to do best in tanks that have been established for at least a month after the completion of the cycling process. This gives them a stable environment to thrive in.

One intriguing feature of the spider conch is its feeding method. It feeds through a "trunk"-like mouth and possesses eyes on long stalks that can move independently, making them captivating creatures to observe in the aquarium.