Dot Dash Goatfish (Parupeneus barberinus)


Max Size: 24 inches

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Peaceful

Reef Compatible: No. May eat small fish or inverts

Minimum Tank Size: 150 gallons

The Dot Dash Goatfish, also known as the Striped Goatfish, brings a lively presence to your aquarium's bottom. These robust fish actively patrol the sand bed in search of food, making them a distinctive addition to your aquatic environment.

To accommodate these energetic fish, it's advisable to have an established aquarium of at least 150 gallons or larger. The tank should offer ample swimming space and be equipped with rockwork that includes a few hiding spots. A moderate substrate layer on the tank bottom is essential to allow the Dot Dash Goatfish to use their barbels to sift through the substrate while hunting for food, which typically includes invertebrates, small crustaceans, and worms. Their feeding habits contribute to a well-oxygenated and efficient nitrogen cycle in the sand bed. To maintain peace in the tank, it's best to keep them with less aggressive tank mates.

When it comes to their diet, it's crucial to provide fresh or frozen meaty preparations. Due to their high metabolism, these goatfish should be fed four to five times daily to ensure their well-being and vitality.