Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus leucosternon)

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Size: Small (1 1/2" - 2 1/2")

Max Size: 9 inches
Diet: Herbivore
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Compatible: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallons

The Powder Blue Tang, also referred to as the Powder Blue Surgeonfish, possesses an elegant oval body shape adorned with vibrant and distinctive patterns. This fish is highly sought after for its captivating colors, displaying a range of blues complemented by accents of yellow and white. The dorsal and pectoral fins feature bright yellow hues, while the face and tail are outlined by striking blue-black markings.

To accommodate the Powder Blue Tang, a spacious aquarium of at least 125 gallons is necessary to allow for ample swimming room. It is crucial to note that this species exhibits extreme aggression towards other Tangs or Surgeonfish, particularly those with similar form and coloration. Therefore, unless the tank is exceptionally large, it is advisable to keep only one Powder Blue Tang in the aquarium. If multiple individuals are to be maintained together, they should all be introduced simultaneously.

While the Powder Blue Tang will consume meaty foods shared with other tank inhabitants, it is vital to provide them with an ample amount of marine-based seaweed and algae. This dietary inclusion helps strengthen their immune system, reduces aggression, and enhances overall health. Offering dried seaweed attached to a rock or using a veggie clip is recommended, and it should be fed at least three times per week. Products such as Sea Veggies, Seaweed Salad, and Ocean Nutrition are ideal options, as they are convenient to use and provide the necessary nutritional benefits.

Size: Small (1 1/2" - 2 1/2")